How to carry out a payment?

All you need to do is enter the payment amount. The rest of the process is done by the customer. 

  1. Enter the payment amount and press “Continue”. 
  2. Hand the terminal over to the customer, who selects the desired payment method. 
  3. The customer selects the amount of a tip to be added from the predetermined values, inserts a custom amount or decides to proceed without it by selecting “No tip” (this step is applicable only if the merchant has enabled the tipping feature).
  4. The customer follows the instructions on the terminal and completes the payment. Once the payment is successful, a “Payment successful” status appears in a green square. 
  5. Give the customer a printout of the transaction confirmation slip, which is printed automatically (if you have not disabled this feature). If you wish to print a copy, press “Print copy of slip”. 
  6. If your cash register and the terminal are integrated, the receipt is printed automatically. Otherwise, select the payment method on your register and issue a receipt.
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