How to create an order for the customer to sell cryptocurrency?

  1. Select Sell crypto on the main menu.

  2. Select the currency that the customer wants to sell.

  3. Identify the customer by scanning their ID document.

  4. Check the document validity and whether it matches the customer.

  5. Enter the sale amount in EUR or crypto. Press Confirm.
    The offer is refreshed every 15 s. The allowed daily sale amount of crypto is 300 EUR per customer.

  6. Check the cash register balance and press Confirm. Hand the hardware POS over to the customer, who checks and confirms the offer and returns the hardware POS to you.

  7. The transfer QR code is displayed on the screen. The customer scans it with their crypto wallet and transfers the cryptocurrencies for sale.

  8. Aſter a successful transfer, a green checkmark appears on the screen. The customer presses Payout and returns the hardware POS to you. If the transfer received was smaller than initially agreed, the customer is informed of this and consequently of the lower payout.
  9. Pay out the sale amount to the customer and press Confirm payout. Confirm the payout with your PIN.

  10. Give the customer a crypto sale slip, which prints out automatically.

  11. Press Print a copy and save a copy of the slip.
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