GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard

The GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard is a free tool that enables every GoCrypto merchant a fast and effective overview of all the business performed through GoCrypto.

  • Always be on track with real-time data

Anytime, anywhere. The GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard not only provides you with handy access to your payment history, but also with detailed activity overviews and information on all your received payouts.

  • Export ready-made accounting reports

Simple paperwork, simple business. Select the desired time period on the GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard and export the data as a PDF or CSV for accounting and other purposes.

  • Control all your GoCrypto stores in one place

A holistic overview of all your GoCrypto stores makes it a piece of cake to edit your store info (location, opening hours, contact data) and also add new stores if your business expands.

  • Take your business to the next level with smart GoCrypto data

The data gathered through GoCrypto gives you an opportunity to organize effective campaigns and special sales for crypto users.

  • Live support

If you have any questions, we are available to you with a click of a button — through a live GoCrypto support chat.

  • Choose to receive settlement in local currency or crypto

Receive settlement in local currency or receive it in crypto if you want. You will be able to choose any cryptocurrency supported by the GoCrypto system, and also change it on a monthly basis. You can also switch back to your local currency, of course!


Start accepting crypto in your store today, open your account today.

Find more information regarding the GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard on how to use it and other general questions here.

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