Supported cash register systems

GoCrypto POS is already integrated in the popular cash register software providers below.

  • RCL (Slovenia)
  • MAOP (Slovenia)
  • eBlagajna (Slovenia)
  • POS Elektronček (Slovenia)
  • Microgramm (Slovenia)
  • NGN (Slovenia)
  • TRONpos (Slovenia)
  • Billy software (Slovenia, Croatia)
  • MikroPOS (Slovenia)
  • SmartPOS (Croatia)
  • eGestiune (Romania)
  • 4D Wand (Croatia)
  • FiscalNet POS (Romania)
  • MicroERP (Romania)
  • SmartCash RMS (Romania)

We are a cash registered system provider. How do we integrate the GoCrypto payment method?

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