How to pay with the Elly app

  1. Open the Elly app and press the "+" sign found at the bottom right side of the app.

  2. Select "Pay with QR".

  3. The salesperson will provide you with the purchase QR-code. It will either be on the cash register screen or on a sticker. Scan the QR-code.

  4. The Scan & pay screen is opened. Align the QR code with the screen.

  5. Select the currency you wish to use (BCH, GoC, BTC, ETH, Euro Token, GoCG, LTC, VIB).

  6. Check if the payment amount is correct and press "Confirm".

Please note that you have 5 minutes to complete the purchase since the QR-code was generated. In the opposite case, the process needs to be repeated. 

Download the Elly app to start paying in crypto at your local and online stores.

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