GoCrypto In-store

GoCrypto In-store

GoCrypto for supported cash register systems

Merchants using one of the supported cash register system providers below can accept cryptocurrencies with just a switch of a button. Within your existing system, a new GoCrypto payment option appears, and you are clear to start accepting crypto. All supported integrations are quick, easy and free.

 Supported cashier systems:

  • RCL
  • MAOP
  • eBlagajna
  • POS Elektronček
  • Microgramm
  • NGN
  • TRONpos
  • Billy software
  • MikroPOS
  • SmartPOS
  • SmartCash RMS

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Do you not use any of these systems? No worries – use the GoCrypto webPOS, described below.


GoCrypto webPOS

Perfect for small business and direct sale. GoCrypto webPOS turns every phone, tablet, or a computer into a POS cryptocurrency payment processor and is especially popular with our small business owners, pop-up shops, freelancers and others that don't use one of the supported cash register systems. Accept crypto simply like accepting cash by opening the GoCrypto webPOS app and charging your customer with a simple QR code scan.

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Start accepting crypto in your store, open your account today.




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