GoCrypto supported cashier systems

GoCrypto POS is already integrated in the popular cashier (cash register) software providers below.

You can use GoCrypto right away if you have one of the following systems. 

  • RCL (Slovenia)
  • MAOP (Slovenia)
  • eBlagajna (Slovenia; complete the sign-up and follow the instructions here
  • POS Elektronček (Slovenia)
  • Microgramm (Slovenia)
  • NGN (Slovenia)
  • TRONpos (Slovenia)
  • Billy software (Slovenia, Croatia)
  • MikroPOS (Slovenia)
  • SmartPOS (Croatia)
  • eGestiune (Romania)
  • 4D Wand (Croata; complete the sign-up and follow the instructions here)
  • SmartCash RMS (Romania)

Is your cashier system already supported? Open your GoCrypto account here. Once completed you will receive credentials to sign-up and complete the process.

If you use any other cashier software system and would like to start using GoCrypto, please fill out this simple form

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