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Quick guide to the GoCrypto webPOS

Ready to set up the GoCrypto webPOS and learn how to use it? Here are the instruction videos. 

How to set up the GoCrypto webPOS

You can use the GoCrypto webPOS on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Won't take a minute.

1. Windows users with Firefox 

2. Windows users with Chrome

3. Mac users with Safari 

4. iOS users with Safari

5. Android users with Chrome


How to use the GoCrypto webPOS

Learn all about GoCrypto webPOS functionalities and how to use them: 

- 0:09 - Log in
- 0:24 - Create new payment
- 0:33 - Cancel payment
- 0:44 - Payment process: Scanning the QR code
- 0:59 - Archive explained
- 1:25 - Billing explained
- 1:38 - Support 



Find more information regarding the GoCrypto webPOS here

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