How do I get paid with GoCrypto?


If you receive your settlements in your local currency, the settlements you receive through the GoCrypto system are regularly transferred to your bank account. The billing (accounting) period is a week long. The accounting days (when the payout arrives to your account) is every 1., 8., 16. and 23. day of the month. The payout is executed 4 days after the accounting day.

If an accounting day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday, the transfer is made on the next business day.

However, if the payout amount for a given accounting period does not exceed 50 EUR, the payout will be received to your bank account in the accounting period when the total of the payouts does exceed 50 EUR or, if that is not the case, at the latest on the 4. day of the following month. (For more information, please see the General Terms of Providing the GoCrypto Service at a Point-of-Sale and / or an Online Shop).

If you receive your settlements in crypto, crypto payouts are instant. This means that the balance on your GoCrypto wallet address is updated instantly after the payment is processed and confirmed. Afterwards, you can withdraw your crypto assets to the desired external address (i.e. a crypto wallet that is not the GoCrypto one) at any time and thus have full control over your crypto assets.


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