GoCrypto for OpenCart 3.x

  1. The GoCrypto plug-in is available at
  2. Log into the OpenCart administration: Enter your online shop link https://domain.com/admin into the online browser; in this, change the domain.com string into your domain name.
  3. Click Extensions > Installer on the left side of the menu.
  4. Installation:
    • click the Upload button and
    • select the GoCrypto plug-in from the list of files.
    • The plug-in will upload automatically.
  5. Click Extensions-> Extensions on the left side of the menu and select Payments from the Choose the extension type list. Select GoCrypto from the list. Click Install and then Edit.
  6. Change the Status option into Enabled to activate the plug-in.
  7. Enter your Client ID (received by e-mail) into the Client ID field.
  8. Enter your Client Secret (received by e-mail) into the Client Secret field.
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