What is GoC token

A true utility token

At Eligma, we proudly introduced our own cryptocurrency, the ELI token, at our crowdsale in April 2018. Originally issued on the Ethereum platform, this ERC-20 compliant token was designed as a true utility token. In order to become an e-commerce token with wide usability, we integrated it into all our applications and services. In November 2019, we migrated the ELI token from the Ethereum blockchain to the faster and more robust Bitcoin Cash (SLP) blockchain and renamed it GoC (GoCrypto).

The GoC token is used for payments on the GoCrypto platform and in the scope of our loyalty program. Users of our Elly mobile application can use GoC for shopping at local and online stores, and receive up to a 2% tokenback reward for each purchase. We continue to broaden GoC’s utility by integrating it into B2B processes, merchant settlements and referral programs.

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