Elly POS plug-in for Magento 1.x

  1. The Elly POS plug-in is available at https://public.gocrypto.com/ecomm/plugins/ellypos/magento_1/magento_1.0.0.tgz
  2. Download the zip. file and upload it to the Magento server in your root folder.
  3. Log into your online shop administration. 
  4. From the menu select System > Configuration > Advanced and enable module outputs.
  5. Select Sales > Payment Methods from the left menu and click on Elly POS Pay.
  6. Enter your Host (received by email) into the Host field. Skin is not mandatory.
  7. Enter your OTP (received by email) into the OTP field.
  8. Enter your Terminal ID (received by email) into the Terminal ID field.
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